In 2008 we purchased a block of land (The Block) situated in our village which included an old and dilapidated Golden Fleece Roadhouse.  It looked like this when we bought it:

View from the side:

View from the front:

At the rear of the main commercial section of the building, is a residence, which we named "The Cottage".   This is how the gate, via the car park leading into The Cottage looked:

This is the Machinist and son, on a cold and frosty morning, breaking up concrete at the rear of the Cottage .  Check out the state of the walls.  Some of the rooms had grass and weeds in them.

The Grands moved in two months after we bought the property.  Then we started renovating the commercial section at the front of the building, where we operated a Cafe / Pie shop for just over two years.  It was known as "The Daily Pie" and we ran this business simultaneously with our other business, Debco Engineering Pty Ltd.

In early 2012 the stress of running two completely different business took its toll on our family.

Although The Daily Pie is now closed, you can read more about it and view a gallery of how it looked when we first purchased it via our

The former Cafe has been transformed to an open plan, Industrial style living space and is a home to our Young Adult children.  

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