Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Multi-Functional Room

The absence of our washing machine during the course of the past two weeks, due to the repairs of a faulty circuit board, has been extremely trying.  Our laundry has been out of sorts too - somewhat like an upset stomach full of gas and bloating, only our laundry has been bulging with a collection (a vast one at that) of bacteria-infested clothing belonging to 5 family members, plus sheets, towels, tea towels and overalls. Talk about irritable bowel syndrome...

Alas, the laundryroom's regular tenant has now returned and many -  MANY -  items of clothing have since flirted between washing machine, tumble dryer and clothes line.

Today, however, the laundry has gained a new tenant: the presence of our lovely Bobby (The Staffordshire Terrier) has changed it's function from washing room to Intensive Care Unit...

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