Saturday, 7 November 2009


Over thirteen years ago, we (the children and I) sighted a UFO.  The craft was rectangular in shape with lights on all four corners and it was moving in a way I can only describe as 'bobbing', as a boat would bob on the ocean. It bobbed for a few minutes then suddenly, took a 90 degree turn and sped into the dark of night.  A few weeks later, I did a search for UFO sightings in our area and found this story, telling of others who sighted a UFO in our area around the same time.

On Thursday, 5th of November this week, the Machinist and son were driving into town at 4.15am.  As they were leaving our tiny village, and had stopped at the 'T' junction, - preparing to turn right onto the Highway, they sighted a UFO above the gum trees straight ahead -  which is less than 150 metres away. The craft was bobbing; moving in the same way as the one our son had witnessed years ago.  Then suddenly, it disappeared.  It didn't speed into the darkness; it just disappeared.

On their journey into town, they saw a lot of kangaroo carcasses on the side of the Highway, which is unusual, as the high traffic movement and noise usually deters the kangaroos from the roadside.

As they turned off the Highway, into a country road which links the New South Wales border with the Australian Capital Territory border, they were plagued with more-than-usual kangaroo activity on the roadside, between the trees

Could their earlier sighting have something to do with this indigenous marsupial's unrest?


the watercats said...

maybe the roos are the culprets?... they are a bit weird as far as animals go... I think perhaps they keep teleportation devices in those pouches. The dead one on the road came across a black hole mutation, casualties are bound to happen in the ongoing kangaroo conspiracy. Just my opinion :-)

angelcel said...

How exciting! I wonder if anyone else saw anything this time?

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Wow how thrilling! Poor Kangaroos though :(

@eloh said...

I think a couple blogs I follow may have some information. That is a hard situation. One of those things that are really funny, until it happens to you.


I didn't hurt any roos though!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Helen, that is really eerie. When you saw the first UFO what did you feel? What do you think it was? Some army thing out there somewhere or some other form of intelligence? Poor Kangaroos! xx