Tuesday, 19 August 2008

My Poorly Mam

(I can't believe) it's been so long since my last confession....


My last post.

The Grands cottage is finished. Sort of. We've practically lived there for the most part of 12 hour plus days, but it is delightful to see the fruits of our labours and how the cottage has transformed into something lovely.

The Grands are now residents of our small town! They are our neighbours. Well, they're not our neighbours just yet, as they are guests in our home. We've moved all their furniture into the cottage, but they are living with us for the time being, as my mam has a nasty streptococci infection in her leg and needs looking after. My dad does a good job of looking after her, but I believe that the womenfolk are better at handling illness in family members, so I am now part of the Granny Care team.

Mam suddenly started vomiting and shaking as if she was completely frozen. Then she had a day of sleeping and not eating. A couple of days later, she told me that her ankle was aching and I rubbed Tiger Balm into the area between the side ankle knuckle and the back of the ankle bone. This eased her pain a lot. However, the next day, her leg was redder and swollen and we insisted on taking her to the hospital. Thats when we learned about the infection. So, for the next week or so, we will be taking her into the hospital each day to get her antibiotic 'fix', via intravenous infusion.

I hope to post more about the completion of the Grands cottage and (gasp) even post some photos.

Stay fixed....

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