23 June 2015

Motherhood: The Hardest Work

"It's the hardest work on God's earth - being a mother" - My mam would often say.  She said it a lot when I became a mom for the first time.  And later - as my children grew, and the workload increased, she would add "... you have to have eyes in the back of your head..." to her repertoire.  Meaning; you have to be ever diligent in watching your children.  You have to always have an "eye" on them for the benefit of their health, safety, attitude and moral character.  It didn't matter where you rustled up that "eye" You had to have it ready as a beacon (or alarm); a call for necessary appropriate action.

These are the people she needed eyes in the back of her head for:

Child Number One, Two and Three

Child Number Four

Child Number Five

I've found my Mam's words to be all truth.  Mothering is never ending, and yes - it is exhausting.  It is hard and sacrificial.   And yet... it is the most blessed and life changing of all careers.  

21 June 2015

Content Little Girls

Sitting in the mall - enjoying coffee with the Machinist, it so happened that we were right next to a child's indoor playground.  Neighbouring tables and chairs were strewn with handbags, bottles, snack boxes, nappy bags, coffee cups and tea pots, plates and napkins, little ones' clothing and shoes.  There was shrieking, squealing, crying and moaning.  Then, there was laughter and chuckling even.

"You know, Babe", began the Machinist. "You can tell the good parents.  You can tell who puts great effort into their children, and those that don't.  I'm not saying they don't love their children - ..."

"I know what you are saying.  I know what you mean.."

"See that mother over there, with the two girls?  I saw her give both of them the 'nod'.  It was the 'time to go' nod.  The girls made their way to the table, and mother directed them to put their shoes on.  They got up, and started to run towards the exit.  She told them not to run, and they immediately slowed down, waiting for her to catch up.  And the best thing about it, they didn't complain or whine, and they seemed content.  They obviously felt secure".  

As the Machinist was telling me this, there was shrieking and shouting in the background.  We were on our last dregs of coffee, and about to leave.   

Father passed by, slouching over a full shopping cart.  At least twenty steps behind him was Mother, struggling with a wriggling, shrieking toddler under her arm.  An older child was walking next to her whining at pitch.  Yet another child was running - ahead of Father and the trolley.  Then back to Mother, banging into tables and chairs (and other patrons) as he ran.  When this happened, the mother would give that 'kids.  What can you do?' look. 

And all the time, neither parent communicated with each other, or the children. 

05 August 2014

Learning to be Highly Effective - Ha!

We have just returned from town and baby is now sleeping snugly in her "mamma's cot" - still in our bedroom from her sleepover - more than a fortnight ago.  The Machinist has to shimmy around the cot to get to his side of the bed.  Most nights he says "we'll have to move the cot back to the other room, Babe".  We both agree on this, but still - it remains.  Because our room is closest to the living rooms, it is warmer and more convenient, I tell myself.  Others smile knowingly.

In other news - I am a flirt.  I flirt most days, in all areas of life.  I can't help myself. 

I confessed this to the Machinist the other day as we were sorting out his office.  He was / is so grateful to me for setting up systems within his space.  He thinks I'm fab, but he didn't know that I had / have my own struggles -  being able to focus on only ONE THING AT A TIME.  Most of my undertakings stretch on because of this fact.  I'm told that mom's (and business people) have to learn (unless they're that way inclined anyway) to multi-task.  I still have not mastered this as yet.  I don't hold much hope to do so, either.

And so - what happens is - I focus on one endeavour with such intensity, with such passion and then suddenly realise that other tasks are building up.  Tasks which can't wait. 

I am currently listening to an Audibles book by Stephen Covey entitled "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People".  I would gladly get rid of all my other 'self help' type of books for this one only (even though I am tempted to buy the next book in the series; "The Eighth Habit").  I'm only on Habit Three, and already I am much 'enlightened'.

I've even recognised the Machinist to be in Quadrant One: the Important and Urgent quadrant, while I am a Quadrant Three type of girl - the Urgent (to me.  I think.  I'm sure), but not Important on the scheme of things.  (The business.  The Family.  The World).  

We both need to acquire balance and find ourselves in Quadrant Two: Important, not Urgent. 

This, apparently, is the key to Effectiveness.  

And so - I am learning....It won't happen overnight, but....it will happen!

10 April 2014

Keiralea Ann

So much life, growth and change between posts!  She is my love, my blessed life vocation.  And she knows it.  

Love from Mamma x

04 October 2013

The Machinist Takes An Afternoon Off

The Machinist's first observation as I walked into the office were my new blue shoes.  "Oh I liiiike theeem, Babe.  You look too hot to handle!"

"I love the colour, but they hurt a bit - just on the top" I slid my forefinger between plump upper foot and shoe, demonstrating the exact area of discomfort. 

"Oh don't worry about that, I can fix it with a soft hammer..."

I'm still perplexed as to what a soft hammer actually is.  

Later in the day, there was rain, - followed by furious hail.  We were scheduled to deliver newly manufactured laundry skips to The Canberra Hospital.  Despite each skip being polished and sealed in plastic wrap, the Machinist didn't want to deliver in the wet weather.  

With his main task thwarted,  he gave himself the rest of the day off 

("...and with having no battles on at the moment, he gave his lads the day off..." - from The Battle of Hastings)

As we walked down the Christmas isle in Costco (can't resist) a thought came to mind:  There is nothing like a grandchild to bring back the joy of Christmas.

Later, dinner and movies added to the excitement of the Season.